The Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. have existed on the Polish arms market since 1945. This long-standing experience and the specialised training of our personnel allowed the company to obtain the ISO-9001 and AQAP-110 Quality Assurance System certification in 2000. Currently, the Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. have a certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and the AQAP-2110:2016 publications.

The Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. in Poznań are located in the western part of the city, at J.H. Dąbrowskiego Street (one of the city’s main thoroughfares), on an area of 260,000 m2. The plant is well connected with the A-2 Warsaw-Berlin motorway (European route E30) and the Poznań Ławica international airport.

The company’s portfolio is very broad and includes the production, modernisation, modification, repair, and servicing of tanks and other tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles and the design and production of quick-change power packs for military vehicles, as well as specialised training and technical support for the equipment’s users.

Responding to the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and the transformation of operation of military equipment in the field of tracked armoured platforms, as early as in 2021, the Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. commenced building capacity to support, in a broad sense, the Abrams and K2 tanks currently acquired by the Ministry of Defence (along with the accompanying vehicles).

The Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A.’ aspiration and objective is to establish in Poznań an Armour Centre focused on tracked tank platforms operated by the Polish Armed Forces. The Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A. are now the only Polish plant authorised by OEMs to provide full technical support throughout the entire life cycle of the Leopard 2 tanks in the Polish Armed Forces, covering inspections, repairs, overhauls and 7/24 service, as well as modification packages increasing the combat potential of military equipment and specialised training courses dedicated to users and technical personnel of overhaul subdivisions.

In addition to the manufacturing and service offerings directly related to armoured tracked platforms, the company specialises in the production of selected spare parts for supported vehicles, the manufacture of special equipment and tools, test and measurement stations, moulds for plastic and rubber products, machining jigs, punches, benders, templates, stamping dies and rubber products and other components.