The BWR-1D and the BWR-1S Reconnaissance Combat Vehicles are floating, armoured, tracked combat vehicles equipped with specialized reconnaissance functions. Their modification was developed and implemented by Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne S.A.

The modified vehicles have been retrofitted with technologically advanced systems and devices including:

  • external communication systems based on Harris and Radmor tactical digital radio stations
  • IT system with a digital internal communication system,
  • all-round observation system based on multi-function infrared JIM LR binoculars,
  • integrated optoelectronic ZIG-T-2R head,
  • SR Hawk Battlefield Surveillance Radar,
  • navigation systems (inertial TALIN 5000 and DAGR type GPS) and positioning systems,
  • SSP-1N OBRA-3 Laser Warning System,
  • AP4C automatic chemical contamination control device,
  • MIMID – miniature mine detector,
  • DPO portable radiometer;

as well as:

  • BERBERYS type C multi-range camouflage covering
  • 2 kW generator powered from vehicle tanks,
  • parking heating,
  • passive surveillance and sighting equipment,
  • tracks with rubber pads,
  • ergonomic seats for all crew members,
  • expanded fuel tanks.