Authorized service, repairs, servicing, modification and modernization of the Leopard 2 tanks

In addition to repairs carried out since 2016 in terms of Leopard 2A5 and since 2014 in terms of Leopard 2A4, in order to meet the needs of the Polish Armed Forces related to the entire cycle of operating the Leopard 2 tanks, WZM S.A. now specializes in:

  • gun sights of the EMES 15 A2 gunner and commander of the PERI R17 A2 (exchange of thermographic cameras for the third generation cameras by PCO S.A. and a laser rangefinder),
  • main armament (120 mm cannons) and auxiliary weapons (machine guns – replacement for Polish production rifles – ZM Tarnów S.A. and/or ZSMU ZM Tarnów S.A.), ensuring the possibility of using programmable ammunition and increasing the firepower,
  • wheels and suspension system (resulting from increased weight, as a result of increased level of crew protection), including the final drive,
  • preparation of the vehicle for the assembly of the BMS and day-night cameras for the driver
  • used in terrain surveillance in front of and behind the tank,
  • the electrical system, including the vehicle’s power supply system by equipping the tank with an additional power supply source – the APU or APB,
  • external and internal systems of digital communication,
  • the fire protection system, for example by implementing an explosion and fire suppression system in the combat compartment.
  • gun turret drive system (upgrade from analog version to digital).

For many years, the company has been providing trainings to soldiers and technical service staff, in the field of servicing and operating the Leopard 2 A4/2A5 tanks. The offer also includes supply of specialized equipment and spare parts for inspections carried out by the army.

Moreover, the company has implemented new solutions in regeneration of many components, subcomponents and drives:

  • the wheels’ control arms,
  • road and tensioning wheels,
  • final drive,
  • injection pumps,
  • heads of MB873 engine and other components of this engine.

WZM S.A. also works on subsequent technologies that make it possible to become independent from sub-contractors in the area of key components of the Leopard 2.