While the ongoing transformation of equipment in terms of tracked platforms involves successive decommissioning of post-Soviet equipment, these vehicles still have a potential of upgrading to a level and standard complying with the requirements of the modern battlefield. In addition, once upgraded, these platforms represent a potential source of exports and testify to the Company’s R&D capabilities and potential.

Willing to satisfy the expectations and needs of the arms market, refusing to wait for official decisions, the WZM S.A. has carried out its own Research and Development aimed at efficient, quick and effective implementation of a solution in modernized infantry combat vehicles. The aim is to enhance the key technical parameters of the vehicles, at the same time maintaining their high functionality, operational capacity and fire power.

As a result, an original concept was developed and a functional model was created to demonstrate the capabilities of the new solutions. The WZM S.A. remains ready for implementing and modernizing the BWP-1/1D as a bridging solution until mass production of the New Infantry Fighting Vehicles starts.

The modernisation of the Infantry Fighting Vehicles allows quick implementation for the purposes for external customer with parameters comparable with the other contemporary platforms of the type. It is a bridging compromise until the client acquires of specific Infantry Fighting Vehicle platform of modern generation.